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7 Random (Yet helpful) tips for Pro Photographers

If you are looking for some self portrait photography tips, and want to know what photographic equipment you need ti do some self portrait photography you have stumbled on the right article. Self portrait photography isn't easy and capturing a good.

5 Photography Tips For Amateur Photographers

Five Photography Tips for Amateur Photographers

some beautiful photography and cool tips on how to take them. Pretty basic, but a particularly neat trick with bokeh (Cool Photography Tricks)

Taking the Leap: Thinking About Starting a Photography Business? on http://www.5minutesformom.com

Thinking About Starting a Photography Business?


I guess making fun of it all. Relieves the stress

5 Awesome Ways to Grow as a Photographer

5 Awesome Ways to Grow as a Photographer Pinners thoughts: Perfect for beginners that don't know where to start. it gives you challenge ideas to get you started!

Free wedding photography cheat sheet. Do you fancy | Pinterest Most Wanted

Free wedding photography cheat sheet: shooting the bride’s arrival, inside the church, photographing the bride and groom and, finally, taking pictures of family and friends. goof for future reference

Learning how to remove unwanted objects from a photo is a remarkably useful ability to have as a photographer. As we are accustomed to, Aaron Nace takes you through the steps on how to do it, and do it well. ( Ambiguous LL Cool J reference unintended)

Learn How To Remove Anything From A Photo Using Photoshop