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I wanted to send you something sexy but the mailman made me get out of the mailbox

OMG. I can't stop laughing. It's so inappropriate that it's terrific

Jazz up your kitchen with this awesome Cunt Coffee Mug. Let your 'Cunt' friends use this mug.

Update Facebook While Showering? — Final Frame

Update Facebook While Showering?

Funny pictures about Social Shower Curtain. Oh, and cool pics about Social Shower Curtain. Also, Social Shower Curtain photos.

i love drunk baby

Funny pictures about Confessions of a drunk baby. Oh, and cool pics about Confessions of a drunk baby. Also, Confessions of a drunk baby photos.

mmmm, tag team? lmfao @Alyssa Ducharme

hell ya I know what you mean hahahahahaha! Fuck the police all day long hahahaha!

I hate Flu Season!

This is definitely my mom, the nurse, during flu season. She once forced a college boyfriend to get a flu shot the first time I brought him home with me.

Tee hee

Bahaha I was sitting in this exact pose. except on a laptop

 Things my husband would say...ahaha. Except it would be more like "get your nose out of my butt" :) he loves me.

how do you start business, how start business, to start a small business - Hey, I found your nose. It was in my business .lmfao I would love to have a sign so all my neighbors can see it.

Future of Communication is..TELEPORTATION | ImaGine What-s NeXt

exactly what you said!☆} I remember when I was like 5 dad would carry me to bed when I fell asleep on the couch! Such good memories.

Life of a Gamer

It's awesome that you allow your kids to play violent video games that shows gore. Then he openly tells his brother, me and his father that he wants to kill somebody in real life.

Itsi pitsi spider:)

I HATE SPIDERS.but this is funny! I just tried to kill a spider with hairspray. He's still alive, but his hair looks outstanding.

nurts is almost funnier than ermahgerd  OMG @Holly Hanshew Elkins Sebeck-Colson I just LOL'd!! Thinking of how hard we laughed at   ERMAHGERD KERRERTS! I love this one so much!!


funny squirrel nuts ermahgerd abi likes squirrels ad in grad party somewhere