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Me when the math teacher talks.😂😂 But i love that face tho😶😚😙😘😙😂😙

when you say you have a bias but you’re secretly a hoe for every one in the band

Yoongi Twitter

jυηgkσσk: ∂α∂∂y qυıєяє jυgαя вєвє тη: sı ∂α∂∂y qυıєяσ jυgαя jυηgk… # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad

i want to be that dog

You giving him this to cheer him up

Caption this.

When u don't want to smile but when ur parents force you to smile


Zu azúcar nada maz dezpertar :V Anuma no mamez eztah pa comerselo 🌚


BOOK 1 of Shit Min Yoongi said and did. [+] some weird ass author notes + spazz FIRE era -> BST era Note: Min Yoongi is not lazy. He just know how to live i.

the amount of disRESPECT

girly. ━ jimsu. [PAUSADA]

❛ bonitas piernas cariño ❜ ↬principal: park jimin x min yoongi {… # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad


The sun is shining the weather is clear my acne is gone it's a beautiful day

Imagine gif, bangtan boys, and kpop

Just Suga being so damn cute! I want to see that smile often~ (T_T)