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i have more friends but pinkie pie help pony as me ! i love u pinkie pie

Mane six as greek godesses. I wanna see then in percy jackson!

The Olympians, my little pony style. Oh gods, I'm kinda nervous as to what their reaction will be for this. (Personally I think Luna and Celestia have to be Apollo and Artemis!

More pony tests by grievousfan on DeviantArt

Testing out more styles for ponies. Less toony than these sketches because pfffft screw consistency idk I like Applejack with socks and a bandana. More pony tests

my little pony friendship is magic. The main ponies and spike chibified

Mane six Mlp

I'm not into My Little Pony and all that Brony stuff but I think this is kinda cute.

my little filly, except Cadence should be just a Pegasus....and they got everyponys mane on the bottom row WRONG

Cadence wasn't always an Alicorn. In the book 'Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell', it's revealed that she was a Pegasus until Celestia adopted Cadence as her niece.