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Then she made...: Compliments to the Creative Crafter! A Father's Day craft

Great idea to hand out to the dads at church on Father's Day. Compliments to the Creative Crafter! A DIY Father's Day craft & gift card holder.

Father's Day golf cookies

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El día del Padre por Elenis » Whole Kitchen

Are you looking for Father's Day cookie inspiration? I have gathered some of my favoirte Father's Day Cookie Ideas and Inspirations I know you will love.

Father’s Day Remote Control Cookies   You don’t have that cookie cutter? Just put the actual remote in copier/printer. Then cut it out, put it on cookie dough & cut out with a small knife. You can use this method to make just about any shape of cookie you can imagine. 1. Outline  2. Fill  3. Let dry  4. Make your buttons by looking over at your remote. To decorate the buttons,  use edible markers with a fine tip. They write on (dried) royal icing, really well!

Remote Control Cookies for Fathers Day