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ladyinsanity: New Concept Art from Mass Effect: Andromeda Sources Joel MacMillan Michael Gamble Mac Walters

Rosa Nash-Williams - video game background wallpaper free - 2553x1080 px

So, Mass Effect 3 is now out. And everyone who has played it for a few hours, or even been keeping up with it via trailers and screenshots, knows it's a very pretty game. Something we're celebrating here with this look at some of the game's concept art.

Mass Effect Mako

Mass Effect Mako- so this one time I was on the mission to retrieve the prothean expert and while avoiding various geth turrets, I somehow got turned around and was driving the mako backwards. Didn't notice until I had to get out of it and was on the wron

quartersooner: “ Mass Effect: Andromeda (2017) - Jien Garson* *name confirmed by Mac Walters on Twitter ”

quartersooner: Mass Effect: Andromeda (2017

mass effect andromeda normandy - Google Search

mass effect andromeda normandy - Google Search