i would like both please love

Josh Hutcherson with a puppy. I repeat: Josh Hutcherson with a PUPPY. :D

J'en veux un comme ça........ Oui oui.

It's official, English Bulldogs can sleep at absolutely any time and anywhere. We challenge you to find a location and time that a Bulldog wouldn't find a way to nap!

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth :) i love when celebs aren't too cool to make funny faces:) Plus every one of those pics he looks GORGEOUS!

Snowy Berner puppy!

Bernese Mountain pup, big paws, little bit of snow. What a sweet puppy! I'd love one! I love big dogs :) # pets

Josh Hutcherson i cant handle it...

Why do guys- doesn't matter what age- get hotter with facial hair? Josh Hutcherson is no exception.

The first gay couple to legally wedding in Florida.

The first gay couple to legally wedding in Florida.

First gay couple in Florida to legally wed: Broward County Sheriff's Deputy Detective David Currie, and his now-husband, former Marine Aaron Woodard,

you got a fast car / I got a ticket to anywhere / maybe we could make a deal / maybe together we could get somewhere.

Kristin - 18 Years - The Hunger Games are a huge part of my Life - Sam Claflin is my hero - Finnick Odair - Josh Hutcherson is the cutest boy ever - Catching fire