Jelly Shot Recipes | Jelly Shot Test Kitchen: Tropical Dream Jelly Shots

Hawaiian Shirt/ Tropical Dream Jelly Shot {Click photo for recipe} (jelly-shot-test-k.

Blueberry-Tini Jelly Shots:  - 2/3 cup of prepared lemonade (strained to remove solids)  - 2/3 cup of lemon lime soda  - 3 envelopes Knox gelatin (increase to 3 if using molds)  - 2/3 cup of Stoli Blueberi®  - 15 fresh blueberries  - Silicone bakeware mold

10 Original Shots To Make For Yourself This Summer

oooh jelly-shot test kitchen the Martha Stewart for drunkards. Blueberry-tini shot anyone?

Home Style with a Side of Gourmet: Christmas Jello SHots

Jelly Shot Test Kitchen: "Fruitcake" Jelly Shots~T~ pineapple juice and cake flavored vodka

Root beer jello shots. This site has amazing fancy jello shot recipes!

Jelly Shot Test Kitchen: Root Beer Barrel Jelly Shots--with root beer flavored vodka! Scrap the jello, I just want the vodka.

Solid Drink - Molecular Gastronomy

10 Creative Ways To Serve Jello Shots

Superbowl Jello Shots (Flavored gelatin, sweetened condensed milk, vodka or rum) - use team colors : jelly-shot-test-kitchen

This hemispheric cocktail gel version of the classic French 75 will leave your guests asking for more! This solid cocktail, from jelly shot expert Michelle Palm, should definitely be added to your list of favorite molecular cocktails

The French 75 Cocktail Gel

Jello Shots for Adults (Finally.) Jelly Shot Test Kitchen: End of Summer Jelly Shots - French 75

My Jello Americans: Walk and Shoot Gum:  Knox- one packet Bubble Gum Syrup- One Part Bubble Gum Vodka- One part Enjoy.

Bubble gum Jello Shots: Knox- one packet Bubble Gum Syrup- One Part Bubble Gum Vodka- One part Enjoy. My Jello Americans: Walk and Shoot Gum