-Undertaker ~Kuroshitju ~BlackButler

Black Butler quote (Undertaker) - Humans are so weak and fragile. This decribes me perfectly

''There he only two kings of people in this world , those who  steal and  those who are stolen from...''-Ciel Phamtomhive

Joker, Ciel Phantomhive "There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who steal and those who are stolen from." Ciel Phantomhive Kuroshitsuji book of circus

All butlers should look, act, and sound like Sebastian.  They should also all be named 'Sebastian'.

This is dead truth. I mean ppl who don't know anime, thinks a regular butler! While ppl who know anime, thinks sebby!

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too tru. its even sadder cause he is a guy. not a girl. and he looks better then real girls. And then you see madame red in the background looking proud.

Were you satisfied when you found out nothing comes after the end? Just a soulless body tearing apart everything in its part to get to what it was missing.

(Day i want Black Butler to continue (i know that a season 3 is APPARENTLY happening and is kinda an alt universe deal or something like that). i mainly want more of the REAPERS!