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The more time I spend on this planet and observe human behavior, including my own, the clearer I see that the single most significant impediment to success, whether it be material success or happiness is denial.

When we deny ourselves a safe outlet to express our dark side- or refuse to even acknowledge its existence - it builds up and becomes a powerful force.

I love my curves. I really hate having "curves" implies that you are plus size. Any size that has curves in my eyes is beautiful, no matter what your clothing size is & what label society puts on you.

{Motivation Monday} Flaunt em…

When life gives you curves flaunt them. Body Quote big curvy plus size women are beautiful! by Ernestine Tiney

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7 Oscar Wilde Quotes

oscar wilde quotes never love anybody who treats you like youre ordinary Oscar Wilde Quotes 211 Never love anybody who treats you like you.

This is what I want my kids to realize.....confidence in who you are no matter what others think...

What is self-esteem? What is self-confidence? Discover the difference between the two, plus ideas for improving self-esteem and self-confidence.

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Lipstick and high heels put the fear of god into people, thats what dita van teese said and who am i to question a burlesque dancer who could kill me with her fan

Words to live by: "Just have fun, smile and keep putting on lipstick" - Diane Keaton