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"Shhh...My common sense is tingling" - Deadpool

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#Deadpool #Fan #Art. (Deadpool) By: BaronGraphics. (THE * 5 * STÅR * ÅWARD * OF: * AW YEAH, IT'S MAJOR ÅWESOMENESS!!!™)[THANK U 4 PINNING!!!<·><]<©>ÅÅÅ+(OB4E)    https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/474x/f1/d6/8b/f1d68b758465483675ca5ee24696555b.jpg

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I know right? You're probably thinking, "Whose balls did I have to fondle to get my very own movie"? I can't tell you his name, but it rhymes with "Polverine."

'Deadpool eyes 'John Wick' director David Leitch to replace Tim Miller (Exclusive) : Ryan Reynolds previously worked with Leitch on "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," which introduced him as Wade Wilson.

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Shhhhh just accept we have boobs attached to us - one if the best lines in a Deadpool game !