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When food falls on the floor: Little Germs: Let's get it! King Germ: No! We must wait 5 seconds.

5 second rule.bahahaha I so believe in the 5 second rule.

Thirty minutes? Pffft. Why in such a rush?

Later when someone complains be like "You think this luscious hair happens by itself?

and then you have 20 Haitian kids who are laughing and repeating what you just said, and you give them your worst teacher look and they keep laughing!

This awkward moment has made light of some not fun conversations Ethan and I have had, one minute we are yelling, then one of us mixes up words and we just start laughing. then forget why we were yelling. Life is short, laugh!

meanderings . . .

This just about sums it up… “I'm a perfectionist with a procrastinator complex. Some day I’m going to be awesome.

Yeah it sure is...

You Go Viral and We'll Find you!

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The rules of bacon

Bacon is my life, and my one true love, i even asked for bacon for my birthday and Christmas. Nobody decided to get me some, though they know that bacon is my life and my true love and a replacement for my small dark ginger soul.