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It's like DeVito and Schwartzenegger in Twins! Quand HALLOWEEN faisait peur...

Very old and creepy ventriloquist dummies. Very old and creepy ventriloquist dummies.

creepy vintage Halloween, I don't think I would have liked Halloween back then.

10 Creepy Photos From Halloweens Past

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Vintage Creepy Photography

Vintage Creepy Photography

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Vintage Halloween

Today’s Halloween outfits come from supermarkets and chain stores, but vintage pictures show homemade creations that are darker and much scarier than their modern equivalents

Поскольку описания к этим снимкам канули в череде долгих лет, остается только фантазировать о том, что же именно это было: попытки эпатировать, случайные кадры или сюрреализм с непостижимым смыслом?

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#こどもの日だからこども達のヒーローを貼ろう ウルトラマン(Ultraman 1967)  「円谷英二 特撮の軌跡展」@大阪高島屋 5/1~5/12 https://www.takashimaya.co.jp/store/special/event/tsuburaya.html … 私もこの子供のように記念撮影したい! pic.twitter.com/0gWGl2BeLR


Photo was taken in 1967 during a parade in Eiji Tsuburaya’s home town. Eiji Tsuburaya was the special effects director responsible for many Japanese science-fiction movies, including the Godzilla series.