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Coffee philosophy: My first choice is TEA! I love coffee BLACK, when it is GOOD coffee. Mediocre coffee: I go by "I would like a little coffee with my cream & sugar,please." ˚Coffee by Ammar Al-Ameen @

1956년 광고 "ELECTRICITY MAY BE THE DRIVER" (©센트럴파워앤라이트)

Vintage space-age family test driving the 1957 Driverless Car of the Future.ad for 'America’s Indpendent Electric Light and Power Companies.

art nouveau advertising food - Google Search

Jugendstil by dietherpetter :: one of my favorite chocolatiers even if they recently changed their formula : (

Original 1950s Swiss Chocolate Poster

1957 The Maestrani Company is a Swiss chocolate maker and the Rosemarie is one of their signature products - vintage advert poster