Monk of the chained fist

Asura - Test subject of Alma Sanitorium. Wields additional essence limbs and has powerful shielding invocation potential. Asura has seer powers.

caada953201627.560903b1a92fe.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 615 × 861 píxeles)

Who the hell titled this pin "Traditional Archer"? Half shaved head in a bikini with heels and pseudo Asian embroidery on her uber-long loin cloth? For the record, archery in high heels counts as

Marko Djurdjevic is a talented concept artist / illustrator based in Germany currently working as an art director for Sixmorevodka.

(17) Epiphany

I'm inspired by this Illustration Enough so to recreate it on Canvas, to Hang beside my Japanese Sword Collection.