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Snow White zombified

This is a small series of zombified Disney princesses from Thai artist Witit Karpkraikaew, whose name may have been chosen by someone slamming their head into a keyboard. Wait -- so there are zombie merpeople.


"I'm told to keep, to keep fighting. But they don't understand, I've already lost." The many implications are worthy of extended discourse. For our fate may not be mostly in our hands, and how can we escape our powerful destiny?

Zombie Snow White special effects makeup idea / Paired with white frosty FX contacts

The Cosplaying Dead: Are These the 34 Greatest Horror Cosplay Mashups Ever?

These Disney Princesses Are Totally Badass

Funny pictures about Evil Disney Princesses. Oh, and cool pics about Evil Disney Princesses. Also, Evil Disney Princesses photos.

Lily..17..Senior..super cool and popular..gets what she wants..has the best boyfriend Chad..Annabeth's older sister

Punk Disney Rockabilly Snow White Vest Top psychobilly tattoo emo pinup scene Love*'*s first kiss. Why does no one know it's a g-d possessive? Could do without the coke, too.adds nothing.

sith-disney-princesses. so much nerd girl joy

Disney/Star Wars - This kind of reminded me of the comic art of Witchblade, but it's Snow White. (Witchblade publishers were kind enough to let me use their art work on the cover of my chapbook, Female Comic Book Superheroes.

Las princesas de Disney

Princess Timeline - my favorites are Snow and Ariel, Mulan is not a princess, I am not a big fan of the new, present princesses, and where is Kida? YES MULAN IS A PRINCESS