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Why did I pin something like this in my "Christianity & Apologetics" board? Because I happen to agree with the statement. Mankind had made for himself all manner of gods and eternities (or lack thereof) since time immemorial. But - and it's a big "but" - that does not mean that their versions are true, and, it does not mean that God does not exist in Truth. In fact, the life, death & resurrection of Jesus Christ proves that there is at least one god that is not manmade.

themissive: “ ‘Each Man Creates His own God’ Neon Sign by Philip Oakley Illuminations - “ The red-cloaked figure then reveals that he is not a servant of Satan (“Death has no master”,) and.

The Interview: Chris Bracey | Art & Culture | HUNGER TV

Chris Bracey - Saint and Sin, Acrylic paint on reclaimed wood, neon and carnival light bulbs

The Interview: Chris Bracey | Art & Culture | HUNGER TV

leonardhq: “ Chris Bracey Hands of God, Found sculpture, neon and carnival bulbs. Unique Dimensions: 180 x 94 x 52 cm x 37 x Leonard HQ ”

c41f5e4ca98a22a1257366598142188e.jpg 466×750 píxeles

Christ with neon guns. Sacred and profane neon sculpture - Carefully selected by GORGONIA www.it - creap Jesus

Chris Bracey  |  God's Own Junkyard   |     http://godsownjunkyard.co.uk/contacts.html

Chris Bracey - Wings Sculpture created with pink neon and fiber glass


Edinburgh-based artist Jessica Harrison transforms the collectible ceramic ladies that populate grandmothers’ china cabinets into spectacles of gore.