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I'M DYING. I'M GONNA DIE SO HARD THIS END OF AUGUST.<< and plus for me school starts back up on August 26.

not to mention its my first of week of my freshman year of college.

There you go Liam!

Everyone asks me how Liam eats soup or cereal and I'm like I don't know! He's to perfect for cereal or soup!

YES!!! That's why I hated all that stuff that said they're gonna break up now that Zayns getting married and their contract is almost up. They are not just any other boy band. And only they can decide when they're done. Leave it to them don't try to guess when they will break because none of us know for sure. Ily all so much

** white birds start flying everywhere while rays of light pour through the clouds** ** spreads arms and tilts head back** ** gospel voice* * HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH


I dont think all of the US is really considered Narnia (my area is to me), but still, I only know like 2 real directioners

Liam is my favorite 1D guy!! ♥ me too!!! I'm future Mrs. Liam Payne! <3

Gutierrez i hope you just died as much as i did.

Niall Horan Singing Baby By Justin Bieber & Hero By Enrique Iglesias

Nialler you can sing me hero while you cuddle me to sleep okay babes. Niall Horan Singing Baby By Justin Bieber & Hero By Enrique Iglesias Henriquez oh snap! he can do Enrique!

Live While We're Young by One Direction

Can we talk about the size of Harry's Arms! I mean, holy crap, that boy is fine!

Our boys are growing up!<<<< I'm crying literally I'm emotionally unstable this is just why would u do this to me