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The Hunger Games: Amazon.co.uk: Suzanne Collins: Books

The Hunger Games: Amazon.co.uk: Suzanne Collins: Books

And may the odds ever be in your favor.. Don't just settle with watching the movies! The books are much more amazing!!

THe hunger games books - The Hunger Games trilogy is a series of young adult science adventure novels by Suzanne Collins. The trilogy consists of The Hunger Games Catching Fire and Mockingjay

I'm kind of into Amish - Lancaster county books...  This book is the first of a series by Beverly Lewis that is really good!  I'm kinda hooked...

In the seemingly ordinary Amish home of Grace Byler, secrets abound. Why does her mother weep in the night? Why does her father refuse to admit something is dreadfully wrong? (Amish Fiction--The Secret by Beverly Lewis)

A must read. Just finished it. I laughed. I cried. John Green is such an amazing writer. I love love love this book.

The Fault in Our Stars John Green Dutton Books/Penguin Group (USA) Inc. First Edition – January 2012 ISBN Is it any wonder that John Green is perhaps the “hottest” Young Adult…

great ideas - I've read some of them and think they are good as well

15 Books To Read To Cure Your Hunger Games Hangover.this is awesome! I have read the Maze Runner serious and loved it! Maybe even more than the Hunger Games!