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Actually most pirates wore eyepatches because, if you keep one eye in darkness in a light place for a while and then go into somewhere dark and open the eye you kept close you can see in the dark.

“ Detail of a window paneling from Marie Antoinette’s apartment in Château de Fontainebleau ” Simply incredible. ”

Ornate blue and gold vine-embellished window frame and latch. Details of Marie Antoinette’s apartment in Fontainebleau Chateau, France. Photo rights: RMN (CHÂTEAU DE FONTAINEBLEAU) / Georges Fessy

Oval windows in France are so chic, so fascinating.... anywhere else, they're just portholes.

Oval windows in France are so chic, so fascinating. anywhere else, they're just portholes.

Arc Sistrum 664-332 BC Late Period, Egypt (Source: The Metropolitan Museum)

*EGYPT ~ Arc Sistrum Period: Late Period–Ptolemaic Period Date: BC Geography: From Egypt Medium: Faience, with darker blue inlay

Kettle on stand with burner. Peter Müller-Munk (American (born Germany) Berlin 1904–1967 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania). Date: ca. 1931. Medium: Silver and ivory

Teapot Peter Müller-Munk (American (born Germany) Berlin Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) Date: 1931 Medium: Silver and ivory