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Fontan procedure (to help with tricuspid atresia)

This is the commonest congenital heart disease found in adults. This is characterized by the presence of one or more defects in the inter-atrial septum.

CHD Awareness Week: Being a Heart Mom | "Being a heart mom means sometimes feeling very alone. Feeling like no one can relate. Feeling like you must put on your “strong face,” a mask of smiles.  Being a heart mom means to forever try to make a difference, for the sake of our child.  For all heart moms, our lives change forever…."

February 7 through February 14 is Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) Awareness Week. Many people have heard the words, but do they truly understand what it means or how it affects the lives of those who.

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Heart defect: Transposition of the great arteries, atrial septal defect, ventricular defect, VSD, hypoplasia of the right of the aortic arch

Raising a Son with a Special Heart: An Interview with Bret Baier (via Parents.com)

Raising a Son with a Special Heart: An Interview with Bret Baier

Bret and Paul. Bret Baier's life as a father changed when his first son, Paul, was born with five congenital heart defects a few years ago.

Great explanation of HLHS 3 stage reconstruction

The Report of the Manitoba Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Inquest: an inquiry into twelve deaths at the Winnipeg HSC in

Educating parents about congenital heart defects (Infographic)

The Surprisingly Common World of Congenital Heart Defect [INFOGRAPHIC] . somewhat good but also saw that it had some mistakes (like not suggested atrial septal defects can require open surgery based on size)

CHD Awareness Infographic

CHOP's congenital heart disease infographic offers 16 things you need to know about CHD. Share it to raise awareness and encourage research that will help create more lifesaving treatment options for kids born with heart disease.