Robe à l’Anglaise 1770-1775 The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Robe à l'Anglaise Date: Culture: British Medium: silk, metal Dimensions: Length at CB: 53 in. cm) Credit Line: Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gift of the Brooklyn Museum, A.

Dress, woven by Mr.Vantier from a fabric design by Anne Maria Garthwaite (1690-1763) 1747 (silk brocade)

Dress, woven by Mr.Vantier from a fabric design by Anne Maria Garthwaite 1747 (silk brocade)

BLACK ROSE MANOR- Jayne paced back and forth down the great hall after Sir Langley left. It was clear to her that Emily loved Thomas Langston. The signs had been there all along, but no one suspected a love affair !

Robe a la francaise, ca. 1770.  From Kerry Taylor Auctions.

A brocaded cinnamon satin robe à la française, circa with sacque back compères formed from joined panels of the fabric, ruched robings to the front, partly lined in striped shot silk, matching petticoat

1784-1787, France - Robe à l'Anglaise - Cotton, metal, silk

Robe à l'Anglaise Date: Culture: French Medium: cotton, metal, silk Dimensions: Length at CB (a): 63 in. cm) Length at CB (b): 36 in. cm) Credit Line: Purchase, Isabel Shults Fund and Irene Lewisohn Bequest, 1991 Accession Number: b

19-11-11  Dress    1780-1785    The Victoria & Albert Museum

Robe, France, the Victoria & Albert Museum “ This gown demonstrates the fashionable styles in women’s formal dress of the The hoop has changed from the square shape of earlier decades.

Bildrechte/-herkunft: Lippisches Landesmuseum

Burial dress of Countess Catherine Lippe, who died age May From the Lippe Regional Museum Fripperies and Fobs

A fine and rare embroidered court gown, 1770's.

Court Gown C. Fine white Indian muslin with silver metal embroidery, the robe sack-back with train and scalloped cuffs to the sleeves, matching ruched robings, the cuffs and robings edged in.