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aleXsandro Palombo 'Fashion Diaper' - These aleXsandro Palombo ‘Fashion Diaper’ illustrations are comical, oddly realistic depictions of the leading names in the style world.

Alexander McQueen Illustrated By John Paul Thurlow

Alexander McQueen Illustrated By John Paul Thurlow. ”Canon of Queens Beatified McQueen”

Gangsta old lady

“Già bastano le mie sciocchezze, figurati se do peso alle tue!” (©Flory Brown) -- “I have enough of my nonsense, do not think that I will give you a chance.” (©Flory Brown) -- (La nonna fuma il sigaro -- Granny who smokes cigar)

Bruce Lee Chain Lock

Bruce Lee approved Funny Photo of the day for Saturday, 23 February 2013 from site Jokes of The Day - Nunchaku door chain lock

Grand Theft Auto IV Art & Pictures,  Karl Lagerfeld

Grand Theft Auto IV art gallery containing characters, concept art, and promotional pictures.