Where the sidewalk ends. Shell Silverstein 1974

Where the sidewalk ends. Shell Silverstein 1974 I've always had it in my head that I'll have Shell Silverstein prints in all my future childrens' rooms.

Perezoso - Lazy

Cher is back on the charts with ‘Woman’s World’


i'm waterproof shell silverstein Also this one! Idk if I can get a butt on my arm though so I thought what if I got this on my butt? Or could just say eff it and get a butt on my arm?

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Favorite Shel Silverstein Poem :D A fun poem to be read to Wyatt when he is a little older.

Shel Silverstein is one of the things from my childhood that I’ve recently rediscovered. I can’t say I was a huge fan of his work when I was a kid, I mean I read Where The Sidewalk Ends…

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Super Mom Aspirations and Tangerine Dreams: Me Soup! Make bathtime fun again using this game I play with my toddlers.