*slams button so hard it breaks it*

"Rooty-tooty-point-n-shooty's N' Roses". "We're going after a major arms dealer who sells primarily rooty-tooty-point-n-shooty's.

This makes it near impossible to sing "Guns and Ships" from Hamilton.

Rooty-tooty-point-n-shooty. I'm gonna go shoot this rooty-tooty-point-n-shooty!" Lol or "give me the money! I've got a rooty-tooty-point-n-shooty!

SHERLOCK I pressed the button Are you sure you just pressed it OK I SMASHED IT

OMG I get to meet ATL, SWS, PTV, FOB and MCR and they become super clingy of me and play for me all the time and love me and never want to leave me *frantically slams button with face*


Goodbye earth, I'll see in you in the Doctor who universe. Then again in Percy Jackson and then I'll stay the rest of my life in Gravity Falls, Oregon.

21 Times All Your Fears About Growing Up Were Summed Up Perfectly By Tumblr

21 Times All Your Fears About Growing Up Were Summed Up Perfectly By Tumblr


Can't believe this is real

Somebody has their priorities straight. "F love I'm getting a dragon" XD

Tumblr meets school

School memories // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - so funny but the language:(

Military uniforms.....Dies of the kink, and requires Chris Pine and Zackary Quinto please....;)

XD "Sign me up for the next war!" Hello Captain Rogers is way better then Sebastian Stan!

Pretty sure I would live in a couple different worlds for that trade. :)


This actually made me laugh out loud. Every time i see this I kinda snort with laughter

~If it hadn't been for Cotton-Eyed Joe, I'd been married a long time go. Where did ya come from, where did ya go, where did ya come from Cotton-Eyed Joe.


By the end I was cry laughing-- I had to read the last one a few times cuz I'm like wtf why would my movie eat my popcorn?

Ok I think I think every fan has already done this and made there own character for there fandom

*slams fist on button* -------HITS BUTTON WITH A SLEDGEHAMMER. <-- *presses button relatively gently so as to not accidentally break it whilst grinning and possibly yelling uncontrollably out of excitement*//I dont even see this as a bad thing