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The Lyte Jewel; the front jeweled cover lifts to reveal a very fine painted miniature of James I.  As Elizabeth left no issue, she designated James I, who was ironically Mary Queen of Scot's son, as her heir and next in line to the English throne.

The Lyte Jewel. Portrait of James I by Nicholas Hilliard. In 1610 it was presented by King James I of England to Thomas Lyte, of Lytescary in Somerset

Elizabeth I as you've never seen her before: Portrait showing off her wrinkles goes on display The work portrays Elizabeth I in her sixties  It was painted by Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger in the late 16th century

Elizabeth I as you've never seen her before: Portrait showing off her wrinkles goes on display

A miniature of Queen Jane Seymour, later to be mother of Edward VI, painted by Nicholas Hilliard

Posthumous Miniature of Jane Seymour by Nicholas Hilliard, Miniature was originally part of the Bosworth Jewel Hoard; now in The Royal Collection.

Portrait miniature. Mary Stuart (1542-1587), by Nicholas Hilliard (1547-1619), English.

Mary Stuart by Nicholas Hilliard English. Mary has jowls in this delicate portrait, which suggests that Hilliard painted the Scottish queen from life.

Gold, Colombian emerald, enamel, diamonds, woven material, possibly hair, behind the emerald. Purchased by Queen Mary.  Large table-cut hexagonal emerald, set and backed in gold; surrounded by a frame with white, black, blue, green and red champlevé; enamel cartouches with rosettes alternating with six table-cut diamonds.

Esmeralda Colgante de Elizabeth I. Table-cut emeralds, diamond, pearls and enameling.

SIR FRANCIS DRAKE JEWEL. The medallion dates c 1575, but the inset miniature of Queen Elizabeth I was executed by Nicholas Hilliard about a decade later. Family tradition records that Elizabeth I gave this Sir Francis Drake jewel to him sometime between 1540-1595. Although the date on the jewel appears to be 1586, it possibly was given later in commemoration of Drake's role in the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588.

The Drake Jewel, a gift to Sir Francis Drake from Queen Elizabeth I on the completion of his circumnavigation of the globe. Nicholas Hilliard painted the miniature of the queen.