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mississippi indian mounds | Cahokia Mounds is currently a State Historic Site. Cahokia is the area ...

CAHOKIA: North America’s Largest Woodhenge & Temple Mound

The Mississippian Mound Culture is one that I would like to learn more about. It is one of the many disappeared cultural groups that can .

A guide to the Shawnee National Forest

Garden of the Gods in the Shawnee National Forest (Southern Illinois) is an awesome place to hike and camp.

From Ur, southern Iraq, about 2600-2400 BC

Leonard Wooley one of the British archeaological rapists messing up with the Sumerian holy city Ur where patriarch Abraham was born and educated, yet the pervert English loyal family has not been able to fix THE FAKE, famous British king Arthur, HISTORY.

The Nephilim Chronicles: Fallen Angels in the Ohio Valley: Giant Osage Indian Skeletons Unearthed in Illinois Burial Mounds

Giant Osage Indian Skeletons Unearthed in Illinois Burial Mounds.just like the kind you know who down in the Ozarks had found & has hidden away!

Great Serpent Mound..Adams County's most famous landmark, Great Serpent Mound, can seem to be playing hard-to-get. On a ridge above Ohio Brush Creek, a 1,330-foot earthwork snake uncoils in grassy, dandelion-speckled loops.   A viewing tower will give you the best overview of the site, generally considered the world's largest single effigy mound.

Exploring Ohio's Edge of Appalachia

Hiking trails, country inns and Amish shops reward casual explorers in Ohio's Adams County.

The Layout of the Cahokia Woodhenge.

A diagram of solstice and equinox sunset and sunrise positions at the Mound 72 Woodhenge at the Cahokia Mounds site near Collinsville, Illinois, USA.