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Muktinath, Nepal - Along the Annapurna circuit, Nepal. Update: I won first place with this photo in a National Geographic Traveller Photo Contest: "The World in Focus" . I love how this portrait shows a mother's love.

Love their smiling faces!

Love their smiling faces!

Mother and child, Zimbabwe by CIMMYT, via Flickr

A Pindukai village mother and child, Shamva District, Masonaland Central, Zimbabwe, photograph by Thomas Lumpkin.


Mother and Daughter: This is such a beautiful picture! Both mother and child. they are breath takingly beautiful. by claudine


I'm scared to hold newborns they so tiny but I have to get over it because I have to a photo like this

Tıpkı EYVALLAH... gibi, Bir KURTULUŞ kelimesidir " NEYSE" !!! Üzüldüklerinden, Söylemediklerinden, Söyleyemediklerinden, Bir türlü GEÇMEYİ BİLMEYEN o geçmişten, İçerlediklerinden, Omzundaki yükten, Dolan gözlerden, Unutulmuş sözlerden, Tutulmamış yeminlerden. İnsanların; ne kadar da YALANCI olduğunu GÖRÜRKEN, bazen İHTİYACIN olan tek şey: başını çevirip NEYSE... demekten başka bir şey değildir. DARALDIĞIN zamanlar olur, BUNALDIĞIN anlar ve " üstüne üstüne gelen duvarlar... " Kimselerin seni…

Little Afghan girl, the scars left after an explosion. North of Kabul. watanafghanistan: Little Afghan girl, the scars left after an explosion. North of Kabul. To still have so much joy even after all that has happened to her. Her smile shines.

Mother and child in India

An Indian mother and child at Palolem beach in the evening. - Palolem, Goa, India - like ashly


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Mozambique Island ... What a beautiful mother and child!

A young woman of Arab descent holds her young child, Mozambique Island - by Volkmar K.