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'koloman'   gravel, sand, modeling paste and acrylic on panel   120 x 150 cm.

'koloman' gravel, sand, modeling paste and acrylic on panel 120 x 150 cm.

Permaculture. I love this template with zones for planting and I'm absolutely going to do this at the acreage!

Natural Organization - The Rules - Part 3 - The Design - The Structure

Use Backyard Permaculture Design to create an amazing garden! Backyard permaculture design principles & permaculture design ideas to grow your permaculture garden

The Undergrowth in the Forest of Saint-Germain, Claude Monet, 1882

The Undergrowth in the Forest of Saint-Germain, Claude Monet, 1882 Monet paintings really loose their luster and glow when in a picture.

Theodor Kittelsen - Forest troll

Theodor Kittelsen - Skogtroll, 1906 (Forest Troll) - Theodor Kittelsen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Anton Mauve, Riders in the Snow of the Woods at the Hague, c.1879, watercolour and white bodycolour on paper, 44.1 × 26.7 cm, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

Riders in the Snow in the Haagse Bos, Anton Mauve, 1880 - Anthonij (Anton) Rudolf Mauve (Dutch, 1838 – 1888

m rothko 1969

themidwesternprepster: “ “ Mark Rothko Untitled (Blue), 1969 ” My goal in life is to own an original Rothko. ” that’s a stellar goal

Ardense Châtillon Belgium, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2256470/Haunting-pictures-Belgian-car-graveyard-US-soldiers-hid-beautiful-vintage-motors-WWII.html

A hidden "traffic jam" in the woods, Belgium

Forest of Numbers spans a 2000 square meter exhibition space and consists of over 60,000 numbers in 100 colors suspended, looking like binary code.

Forest of Numbers by Emmanuelle Moureaux


"Afristar Foundation utilises Permaculture design systems as the primary methodology of our community development strategy. Permaculture is an optimistic,

Apple Tree, I - Gustav Klimt ...amazing

Apple Tree I Artwork by Gustav Klimt Oil Painting & Art Prints on canvas for sale

The Roemer is a famous century wine glass, a time during which it was a status symbol that also graced many paintings. For example, a Roemer can be found in the Still Life with Gilded Cup by Willem Claesz. The studs on the glass stem were not m

Opbouw Anne Forest

Anne Forest, tentoonstelling 'All Souls'

Félix Thiollier (1842-1914): Figure contemplant les monts du Menzenc, 1895-1905. | Collection Julien-Laferrière @MuseeOrsay Patrice Schmidt ”

Félix Thiollier, Figure contemplant les monts du Menzenc (Emma Thiollier), ca.

Imogen Poots (Blanche Ingram) & Mia Wasikowska (Jane Eyre) - Jane Eyre (2011) #charlottebronte #caryfukunaga

Chapter twelve: Jane begins teaching Adele and is quite at home. She meets mr. Rochester in the forest though she does not know it is him, until she sees the same dog on the floor in Thornfield.