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Delicatessen (short story): “Ik kom voor de twee lichaamsdelen die u op marktplaats had gezet.” De man aan de deur wekte niet de indruk een liefhebber te zijn van mijn exclusieve waren, maar handel is handel en dus liet ik he…

I work in a children's hospital as an outpatient phlebotomist. Some traumatic experiences cannot be avoided. I'm sorry but I'll give you squeaky puppy for your troubles!

How to write comedy: discover the building blocks of sketches, jokes and sitcoms - and make them work by Kirwood, Tony, author

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This part made me laugh when I read it, haha because I never knew Tris would be like that.I always thought of her as someone who will be serious and never have fun.

sis wanted to learn to draw chibis soo my attempt at a tutorial or something xD How to Draw :Chibi Tutorial

That actually is a really good idea though XD>>> there are a lot of cemeteries in my area... I need to do this

Not a bad idea :D<<now how to convince my mom to take me to the cemetery<<or just mash things together and create a COMPLETELY new last name that doesn't exist

Just meme it!

Excellent Writing Tip on developing villains - my additional advise is to give them a soft heart inside the hardened one because they could have been a completely normal loving person that some life changing experience turned them to become the way they are. This is where you could try to make them good again. Just a thought.

“Jij” als vertelvorm

“Jij” als vertelvorm | blackbird essays

Kennis & enthousiasme

Kennis & enthousiasme | blackbird essays "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm"