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I love the mirror play. You can see the hair and face at once! Fantasy Portraits by Bruno Wagner

"I touched my cheek and looked away. The potion that me beautiful. I looked into the mirror trying not to worry. In my reflection, I saw the witch I was. The Witch I am.

Libra by Pat Brennan

Charming, harmonious and filled to the brim with energy. Libra's have a lot going for them - often in many different directions. "Libra" by Pat Brennan (Digital Art / Photomanipulation / Fantasy).


arlmuffin blue eyes cargo pants casual commander shepard commander shepard (female) hands in pockets hood down hoodie lips mass effect messy hair armor pants redhead short hair solo

Dragon and Child. A lovely depiction of a child making friends with a dragon.

15 Spectacular Mythological Beasts Illustrations

15 Spectacular Mythological Beasts Illustrations

The Criosphinx The Sphinx is a traditional monster with the body of a lion, and the head of either a human, falcon or ram invented by the Egyptians of t. The Criosphinx


boazpriestly: “ Elements - Fire by *CassiopeiaArt” This really reminds me of Pele, Hawaiian volcano goddess! I love this though- I’ve never imagined a European ballroom dancer volcano goddess.

Dive into the universe of freelance artist, Yigit Koroglu with this selection of his most recent and known illustrations.

Firefly The fantasy genre is dominant in games and digital design. Here’s a showcase od 30 Mind Blowing Fantasy Artworks.