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more liberal logic to make the world go round.

How is possible that underage girls can get abortion without their parents consent, and clinics will not report the man that abuse a girl?

This photo was a real jaw dropper for me, I cant even believe that children under the age of 18 do not need to get a parent consent for an abortion. Girls at 18, think they know everything and in reality know very little. This is not a decision a scared young girl should make on her own.

The 'irony' and LUNACY of the murderous pro-abortion gang.

I resent that my tax dollars are given to this horrible place. Anyone who supports this should be put down like a rabid dog. CUT THEM OFF NOW!

Dr. Marty Fox on

Planned Parenthood is killing babies and gutting them for their organs. It's time to end human abortion. It's time to reclaim our humanity.

Please Join me in praying for the end of abortion. House is set to vote today on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. The bill (HR would protect unborn babies 20 weeks and older.

Pretend I'm a tree... Stop the murder and make more responsible decisions with your body before you destroy an innocent life.

So sad that ppl fight for trees and animals, but kill babies. I love trees. I love animals too. But I CHOOSE LIFE first and foremost

Some people may not agree but this is what I believe

Heart Disease is the number one leading cause of death in America, then its cancer and THEN chronic lower respiratory disease. Abortion isn't even in the top The most leading cause of death is suicide.

So true

Lion killed by dentist: America outraged. Gorilla killed by zoo: America outraged. 3000 children killed per day: America silent. End abortion.

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It's not funny:( It's tragic, heartbreaking, and it does so much more than end a life!

Ultimately,  every personal decision related to childbearing  or abortion is "life-changing"...

Won't eat eggs because they are "baby chicks", but is pro-"choice" because it's "just a bunch of cells". End abortion.

Evil vs free will vs mental health. White terrorists are labeled mental while foreigners are called terrorists...see anything wrong here...how do you stop a fertilizer bomb anyway and more importantly how do you stop a right wing Christian (wiki. Christian terrorism) who kills someone for not believing in God and or another Hitler. How do you stop a Boeing 747 or a nuke armed Nk...would a person bent on killing people benefit from medication and mental help if evil doesn't exist

Come on people…it’s time for these idiots who support gun control to figure out its not a gun problem. This shit is common sense!

No parental permission needed for abortion, but it takes the life of an innocent baby, and ruins the life of the Mother.

A young girl can't have holes poked in her earlobes without parental consent, but she can have her baby brutally cut up and sucked out of her womb?

seriously though. Obama, if you're gonna cry about the children affected by gun violence, cry about the 57 million children killed by abortion. #prolife #noobama

Obama, if you're gonna cry about the children affected by gun violence, cry about the 57 million children killed by abortion.