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Michiko Kon (1600×2079)

Michiko Kon (1600×2079)

brooke shaden - got my head in the clouds

Le Zèbre bleu: BROOKE SHADEN - yewknee

Fairytale Fashion Styles - Infusing fantasy and surreal concepts into fashion spreads and editorials serves to create an artistically stunning theme, and these fairytale fash.

vintage fairy   -- You mean...they were real and then they went extinct some time after they split the atom? AT

vintage fairy -- You mean.they were real and then they went extinct some time after they split the atom?

lovely... creepy little children by Ravenwolf

Creepy Little Child no 1...Open Edition-10x8


human man's legs are tree roots, Tommy Ingberg creates minimalistic and surreal photo montages dealing with human nature, feelings and thoughts.

By Kamina Cox-Palmer.

Kamina Cox-Palmer, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, 2010

Amazing Digital Art by Blavatskaya

004 hot digital art blavatskaya Hot Digital Art by Blavatskaya

Till the 19th century, Muslims treated homosexuality as a part and parcel of life, so much so that students were exposed to romantic stories of homosexual love – a position untenable even today across parts of the Western word. There are five Muslims countries where being gay isn’t a crime. All that the five – Mali, Jordan, Indonesia, Turkey and Albania – share in common is that they were never colonized by the British.

discardingimages: “ love is stronger than hate Maqamat al-Hariri (Maqāma Syria or Iraq ca.