This water garden breaks up the long walkway and adds interest along the walk. To include fish in your pond you will need to have enough depth for the fish to survive the cold winter. This will vary by location.

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delightful, spare, geometric natrual pool flanked by stone pavers, lined with lush greenery and cream flowers; creates a beautiful long view

Beautiful Area #Stream #Backyard #Garden

I've always dreamed of a backyard stream! Stream Garden at Chanticleer in Wayne, Pennsylvania, beautiful!

Dream garden with ponds.  Via Kelli Jo.

Beautiful evergreen trees with a water pond in the middle that goes and goes. This is a place to get away from it all. Just sit and still quiteness, except that from nature. Love the sound of the water singing.

One of the best reasons to install a water garden is to enjoy the wildlife it lures in: birds, toads, and frogs. The homeowners in this lovely backyard water garden have also stocked their pond with graceful koi -- large orange, white, yellow, and black fish -- to offer a relaxing diversion.

Garden Pictures That Inspire

Imagine reading a good book here! Backyard water garden with a fully stocked koi pond to provide a relaxing diversion.

Garden pond (with waterfall) for back east corner #garden_pond_with_waterfalls

Whether your water feature is big or small, a Koi pond or a garden fountain, we can provide the equipment you need and the advice you want!

Cool gate

The garden offers so many outlets for things to make besides flowers. Instead of using this as a gate, metal designs could be made and hung carefully, tastefully on my wooden fence?

Japanese Garden ⊰✿ what about something like this to separate the yard from the koi pond?

A Moon gate, or pinyin in Chinese, is a circular entrance in a garden wall that is a traditional architectural element in Chinese gardens.

Rescuing a Garden: The stream was routed to lead to a fish pond and lined the path with ferns and plants with tropical foliage to enhance the property's natural feeling of being in a jungle THIS IS MY DREAM YARD.