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your screwed

Hetalia funny Does anyone know who this artist is? I love their work and it'd be awesome to find more:) <<< Canadas like motherfucker its time to play even if you don't want

California (my oc): uh...*looks at America* um...*looks at Canada* uh...*Looks back and forth at Canada and America* AH!! WHO ARE THESE PPL!!!!

California (my oc): uh.*looks at America* um.*looks at Canada* uh.*Looks back and forth at Canada and America* AH! WHO ARE THESE PPL!>>I feel like Canada is the one on the left and America to the right

gyagsdhgfugqerugjhdfbjdbhuhsrhguggfcski CUTEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥ I also love Prussia's reaction, so adorable :3

GerIta So kawaii TUT (I am sure I already pinned this but it's just so cute)

This will never get old! XD Looks like Alfred could use a hero lol! I'm coming!!! :D #hetalia

This will never get old XD<---America's face XD and then England XD this is precious and amazing!