JK gets my feels again ;-;

Sometimes I wonder if these are just coincidences and JK sees them and just kinda laughs and goes with it. Other times I just KNOW she did that on purpose and I wonder how intensely she studied history to create these fantasy books for children.

I did actually end up doing this. I had plans forever, since I pinned this last. I was with my family, and my one cousin would've murdered me had my dad not been there. That being said, I was celebrated among my other cousins. Some people in the theater clapped when I came back in. At least @Kayse Stidham wasn't there... Or I would probably be dead.

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"If you make a Gryffindor mad and they storm out on you, they'll get a lot of satisfaction out of slamming the door behind them. But a Slytherin will leave it wide open, because they'll get the most satisfaction knowing they made you get up to close it."

How to tell Gryffindor and Slytherin apart. i am total slytherin<<I am a Gryffindor

7 creative ways to use new Infallible Pro Glow concealer via Popsugar.

7 Ways to Use Your Concealer — Other Than Concealing

If there's one product in your beauty stash that truly deserves the title of MVP, it's concealer. Sure, you use it daily to cover up dark circles and -- To view further for this article, visit the image link.