Andy Goldsworthy  #stone #window  Love the view

with interesting stone walls artpropelled: Andy Goldsworthy Photograph by Richard Shilling

Slate and rock wall by Andy Goldsworthy.

Decorative Stone Wall : 24 Awesome stone wall ideas - Little Piece Of Me

Mandala of pine cones found in the forest.

Danmala Mandalas: Elegant, Intricate Circles Made From Nature by Kathy Klein via jeannie jeannie

I like this natural mosaic more than the glass mosaics.

unicorn-meat-is-too-mainstream: Dry Stone Tree Wall that Love Built in Situated within the Island Lake Conservation Area of Ontario, Canada.

Amazing Places The Ancient Art Of Stone . Rock Wall Art Installations

Gorgeous stone mosaic fireplace and an article on Ancient Art of Stone ~ and a most unusual wood mantle


Andy Goldsworthy for Kids - a fun Autumn projects for kids

Andy Goldsworthy - created from scraped stones, broken and arranged in a spiral. Andy Goldsworthy is a famous environmental artist. His work is meant to return to earth in a natural way, the camera being the only man-made element related to his art.

patterns burnt into dead tree trunks

Would look awesome on some of the dead trees in woods behind house. Dead trees with wood burned art