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My fave Einstein pic..

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving" - Albert Einstein. “I thought of that while riding my bicycle” – Einstein on Relativity


Winther Kangaroo - always come on top in the cargo trike tests


Entire Family Bike With Built-In Sewing Machine. Because, ya know.in case one of them falls and rips a whole in their britches. Just bring along the sewing machine & mom can fix it right up on the spot and off they go.

That is one smart pre school teacher...or a really obvious kidnapper. Either way...cool bike

Dutch Pedal-Powered Bus

The kids go back to the kindergarten in the WorkCycles KDV kiddy bus.

Well, here's one strange way to recycle shoes! - - - - -There's where my other shoe went!

World’s Most Funniest Bikes

Shoe wheels on bicycle, just an image. Source has many other interesting vehicles though.

Troy elektrische bakfiets 7-speed zwart + bankkussens

Troy elektrische bakfiets 7-speed zwart + bankkussens