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You may need to do the +++ buttons on your default photo application to see what Aries are like.

A libra see's more than they let on!

A Libra sometimes chooses to ignore certain things just for the sake of peace, but that doesn't mean they didn't notice or they don't care.

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I try real hard to make the delivery of the message intimate to the need to know person. I dont always succeed,butt he heart is in it.


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You were so close to being a virgo like your daddy but you were born on his mommy's birthday you're a leo baby boy♌️ Since the moment you popped out your daddy has been calling you his little lion cub.

Someone who knows what they want, and means what they say. So yeah, I love raw human emotion... period. Because I'm indecisive AF!!!! it's a problem, I know. ♎-AF-

So yeah, I love raw human emotion. Because, I'm indecisive AF! it's a problem, I know.

Zodiac City - My husband, the Capricorn! That's why he has me, his saucy Leo trophy wife! To help that man relax and have a good time xD

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#Cancer #CroweFeatherWitchDownunder

#Cancer #CroweFeatherWitchDownunder