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I will let you know right now. if you are a man going in the bathroom with my daughter. there is gonna be a dogfight right in the doorway of that bathroom and you better hope you got a lot of friends with you. because I will hurt you. that's my right as a father. now identify that.

Charles Robinson II I would trust this guy in a women's restrooms. More than I'd trust him in a men's room with young boys. But your definitely going to have Loser's dressing up like women trying to seek a peek at women. It's a no win situation.

TOLD TO TAKE AMERICAN FLAG DOWN BECAUSE IT OFFENDS MUSLIMS:  When Duy Tran moved into his apartment a few days ago, he wasted no time in hanging an American flag from the balcony.“It means a lot to me,” he told KHOU-TV in Houston. I’m gonna leave my flag there, as an American, until she shows me proof that I don’t have the right to leave my flag there,” Tran told the station. “I have friends that died for this country.”

When Duy Tran moved into his apartment a few days ago, he wasted no time in hanging an American flag from the balcony. "It means a lot to me," he told KHOU-TV in Houston. But Tran said the manager of the Lodge on El Dorado apartments doesn't see.

Well, that apple didn't fall far from the tree now did it? He was raised by a father (Leo Penn) who strongly believed in Communism.

Liberal Logic: A CEO makes millions and it's greed, yet a liberal actor makes…

:) I would not want to live in a place without police. Personally never had a problem with them there are some bad cops but there are a lot of good ones this is for the good ones;-)

Citizens lining up to protect Baltimore Police. This is why police do what they do every day! Kudos to these fine citizens!

The Dems have bragged we control the Media. There's a lot they don't report. They edit videos And report the wrong story. Admit it you are being fed the news they want you to hear and see. Thank heavens for FOX!!!!!

Fox News is the only Mainstream Media News with the balls to cover black on white crime today.

The Logic of Stupid : Photo

Live Free Or Die Hard quote. "You better dig down deeper for a bigger set of balls cause you're gonna need them.

Make No Mistake America. ..

A lot knew it before he was elected first time.America wants God back in charge and being a respected and powerful country again! Just sorry that our first black president was a awful one

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But the most remarkable caught-on-camera smooch undoubtedly took place between Miley and her fellow pop princess Katy Perry, who appeared totally stunned when Miley leaned into the front row for a big kiss.