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Frederik Anseel. Was het vroeger echt beter qua terrorisme in West-Europa?  Victims of terroris attacks in Western Europe 1970 - 2015

Lectuur op zaterdag: foute informatie, slimmer is misschien niet slim en meer

Infographic: Terrorist attack victims in Western Europe

#BlueStreakAdvances #MerchantCashAdvance

Here's where US immigrants have come from for the last 200 years

Photos of common NYC trash items organized as a periodic table.

A Tube Map To Assist Time Travelers In Medieval London

A Tube Map To Assist Time Travelers In Medieval London

If you ever find yourself hanging around in the century, be sure to carry a copy of the Medieval Tube Map. The chart shows the many small hamlets, manors and landmarks that you might have visited in and around London during the Middle Ages.

The official stereotype lab of Yanko Tsvetkov, a bestselling author, prolific cartographer, and leading international bigotry professional with a taste for salacious political incorrectness and unconventional historical studies. Opinions are not his own, he’s merely a curator :)

Tearing Europe Apart Did the laws of neuroscience shape European history? Excerpt from the chapter “Endless Europe” published in the book .

"Sepp Blatter’s Balance Sheet" - FIFA, football’s world governing body, is having a rough few days. On May 27th 2015 Swiss police, at the behest of American prosecutors, arrested 7 FIFA officials in Zurich on suspicion of receiving bribes totaling more than $100 MILLION. | 28 May 2015, by The Economist || **UPDATE** on September 25th 2015, Swiss Attorney General has opened criminal proceedings against FIFA president Sepp Blatter. #FIFA #Soccer #Football #WorldCup

Blatter’s balance sheet

Skewing and Isolation in Right-Wing Media

Breitbart was a unique driver of hyper-partisan, trumpist news that shifted the 2016 election / Boing Boing

What Happens When You Stop Smoking Infographic

What Happens When Smokers Quit [infographic] some motivation. I hadn't smoked in 4 days and was feeling great fell off the cigg wagon tonight. My mission starts again tomorrow have to keep that little switch off!

"The pipeline company has an army backed by state power to do its bidding. The water has its scrappy protectors. It’s time we put the latter on the map."

The Dakota Access Pipeline Map Everyone Should See