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I've never experienced this, I'm always pretty good friends with my crush. So never really knew what it's like to blush around your crush <> My crush is the only one who can make me blush.

I could watch my hubby play with our boys for hours - they all love each other so much they have their own little world...

Experienced this a few days ago. Oh yeah. I find it sooooooo attractive when a guy plays with a little kid.

lol alexis gilbert shes ugly rude and ANNOYING

the girl you always want to just punch in the face because even her presence annoys you.= my sister

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I was at a gathering and my crush was there and next to me was an open spot and omg my friend yelled as loud as she could "there's a seat over here!" and I'm like "be quiet" and my crush sits down next to me and my friend starts laughing at me and I'm giv

I think this all the time with one person in mind but of course I'm just waisting my time as usual... O well...

Funny because as everyone reads this, they'll picture their crush/special someone. Even like last night my crush text me!

I do this literally all the time!!!!

when I’m in the car and a sad dong comes on the radio i stare out the window and act like I’m in a movie.sad but true*