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Made To Order custom food safe silicone candy molds - Marine E-3 to E-6

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Official Hobbyist of the USMC; License number 23029 This mold is NOT MADE YET. This is where you can order the mold pictured and I will make it AFTER I receive the order. This listing is for JUST the food grade mold, the casting is NOT included. "Made To Order" means each mold is hand poured after the listing for it sells - if you need to change ANYTHING on ANY design then that enters is into my Customs Wait List and you will need to contact me beforehand to do that. The mold in this listing is a Marine rank E-3 to E-6 - 4 cavity: as each cavity is a different rank you'll need to look at each ruler picture to get the exact measurement but each is AROUND 1¼" x 1¼" - meaning some are over that but that is the smallest measurement. All are ¼" deep. Overall mold size is 3"x3. All food grade final molds have a "frosted glass" look and sometimes this is due to tiny bubbles visible underneath the mold surface. This is normal and will not show up on the surface of anything made in the mold. While I do take precautions to prevent the bubbles, sometimes all I can do is minimize them and make sure that none show up on the inside of the cavities. Great for chocolate, gummies, hard candy, sugar castings, or even ice cubes. These silicone molds are food safe and can even be baked at temperatures up to 325oF or put in the freezer for ice cubes. These are the perfect size for cupcakes. Be sure to wash them in warm soapy water before using and DO NOT ever use for food if you use these for non-food items. Using resin or clay or any non-food material in these will contaminate the molds and you will never be able to use them for food ever again. These are for FOOD ONLY so please do not chance getting yourself or others extremely sick by using these for food after using a non-food material in them. If you want a set of the non-food silicon for resin or such, PLEASE contact me and I will make a set specifically for non-food materials. I do have larger sizes available upon request but they also carry a higher price depending on the cavity size and number of cavities in the mold. This depends on the design as some are actual pins/emblems (such as most of my military ones) and I can't change the size of them if I can not find a larger sized one. I also do custom molds if you have a specific mold you want but cannot find or have something you want a mold made of. If you have a personal item you wish to have a mold made of (depending on the material it is made from) I can do that! For this, you would send me the item, I'll make the mold and send both the item and the mold to you. Price for this depends on the mold size. Have a mold design that you saw before but isn't currently available? Make a request! Don't see a mold design you would like? Make a request! Need more molds than I have available? Make a request!
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