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Porcelain Christmas ornaments

Porcelain Christmas ornaments

Best DIY Projects: How To Successfully Sell at Craft Fairs

How to prep for and sell your craft items at a craft show or fair! Includes a check list of what to bring along with you to the sale, choosing what to make and how to set your prices. Spa Kamper Note : good info for prep of events such as health fairs

Wire and Bead Christmas Ornament DIY Video Tutorial

Wire and Bead Christmas Ornament DIY Video Tutorial


or something made of a lace strip round the neck with bits dangling off it, but not the big tacky white pearly thing in the middle of this. Although could involve pearls if you wanted it to. Porcelain Gothic Vintage White Flower Lace Necklace by

Как плести из проволоки украшения в технике Wire wrap. Изучим еще один вид плетения из проволоки.  Для работы нам понадобиться медная проволока (в моем случае) для основы 1 мм, для оплетки 0,4 мм. Сразу скажу …

Mad respect to people who can do this. Tried it once and my hand hurt like hell afterward. And I do chain mail!

Do you love make seed bead necklace? This article will show you how to make a blue braided seed bead necklace at home.

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Another photo that shows how to create the bracelets and necessary material for that. If you have good will go ahead.(How To Make Bracelets Pearl Necklaces)

Headphone Cover- In case if your white headphone cable gets dirty...

Easy Projects for Teens

Looking for some cool DIY projects for teen girls? If you want some cool DIY projects to try and share with your friends, then these easy crafts are for you