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Love The Beastie Boys, best jewish boys EVER, to rock the stage.

1990s-Pushing political nationalism aside, N.W.A. openly expressed crime as the way to get ahead. Sounding like real gun-toting "gangstas" N.W.A.’s, they helped father America's rap culture. People found an outlet in listening to this type of music in which they could relate to in other aspects of their lives. Source: http://www.nwaworld.com/

The Hip Hop Fashion evolution started in the early Men were sporting Jheri curls, a shiny curly afro look, often clowned for its greasy tendencies. Hi-top fades soon took over as men felt proud to prune their afros into box like structures.

Kids today will never understand the magic of vinyl.

America’s greatest indie record stores

From the home of DJ Screw to in-store cat curation, we count down the greatest independent music stores in the US.

Another "best reissue of 2012." Plus ça change... and things basically haven't changed enough in 20 years to make this any less relevant.

Rage Against the Machine - XX

Cover Album: Rage Againts The Machine (Buddhist self-immolation, Vietnam Era)

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Nothing better than hip hop music, Learn how to freestyle rap here…