Futura / Book cover(1930’s Futura Specimen Booklet, via esperanzapinatelli)

design-is-fine: “ Futura Specimen Booklet, From Bauer Alphabets Inc. Via Herb Lubalin Study Center ”

Baskerville Type Specimen Poster | Designer:  Koyoox. The simple colors of grey and white makes this poster look very sleek and suits the style of Baskerville. The circles and grid in the background makes the poster look like a blue print of some sort. The last thing I just noticed was the subtle "g" in the bottom left, which balances out the piece nicely.

O design gráfico de Koyuki Inagaki via @pristinaorg

https://flic.kr/p/ccpPP5 | Helvetica Specimen Booklet | Printed in Germany for circulation via Burbank, California.

design-is-fine: “D. Stempel AG, Helvetica brochure, no date. Printed in Germany for circulation via Burbank, California. Via Herb Lubalin Centre ”

FONT  Ho scelto Helvetica perché è una font molto semplice e versatile che lega ogni creativo grafico poichè è la più usata. Amo le sue forme e la sua impattanza e mi piace sfruttare le sue diverse sottocategorie.

helvetica typography posters

Helvetica is a widely used sans-serif typeface developed in 1957 by Swiss typeface designer Max Miedinger with Eduard Hoffmann.

Typography   Final Test by reevosaulus Provoke Your Graphic Design Inspiration In Typography And Text Art

Hodges - Type Based Design - This is an informational type design for the type face Helvetica. This design is well structured and laid out with the type style in mind. This structure gives the user a sense of that type face's style.

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Serif is a personal project that illustrates the rivalry between Serif and Sans-Serif typefaces. The poster series plays on the cutting of the serif from serif fonts, and the taping of a serif on sans-serif fonts.