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Het toneelstuk stelt een lange en helse toch voor van "de liefde". het podium zal er dan ook uit komen te zien als een lange weg zoals op deze foto. Het toneelstuk begint aan de ene kant en eindigt aan de andere kant.

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Path | 道路 | Chemin | путь | Sentiero | Camino | Dōro | Pasaje | проезд | “Wisconsin Highway 42 by khanusiak”

Path 道路 Chemin путь Sentiero Camino Dōro Pasaje проезд “Wisconsin Highway 42 by khanusiak”

Pacific Coast Highway, California

USA Travel Ideas :: Pacific Coast Highway - California Coast, highway 1 is the most important road for me to cruise on in the United States.

while driving from Healesville to Marysville, know to most as the Black Spur.

Black Spur Drive in Victoria / Australia (by Kellie Metcalf). This is one of the most stunning drives in Victoria. This stretch of road is between between Healesville and Marysville, about an east of Melbourne.

I want to drive down this road in an old convertible. And also in this daydream, I'm sipping whiskey and smoking a cigarette, even though I don't smoke. And on the radio, I'm thinking maybe...Stevie Ray Vaughn.

The road goes on forever! plasmatics: My way. by Ghenadie Shatov (Website) No, the highway

The Great Ocean Road in Australia

The Great Ocean Road- Australia, 151 miles of road between the Victorian cities of Torquary and Warrnambool. Built by returned soldiers between 1919 and it is the world's largest war memorial, dedicated to casualties of WWI.

Road less traveled.

And she saw him there just at the edge of the mist. She always knew he would eventually arrive it had only been a matter of time and patience.

atraversso: “ Road to Success by Hong Chun ”

The Road Of Life. Modulate your speed based on road and weather conditions. So, be aware of these. Smell some roses along the way, too.