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Mall Bangs--me, you, and everyone we knew...

Retronaut - Utah Girl Perms from For just a second, I thought I was staring at a group dorm photo. Nope, no recognizable faces, just a hair of familiarity.


There is nothing more than Destiny's Child in head-to-toe Tommy Hilfiger. Always in matching outfits (and I mean always) Destiny's Child became synonymous with crazy outfits, usually in metallic shades.

80s prom hair - Google Search

KostumeGirl's Closet: Group Costume Ideas for Halloween, Races, Burning Man, etc!

Madonna  by Richard Corman (1982)

madonna 1982 by richard corman and at that time it wasnt the coolest accessories, and things. it was just attitude and the new dance scene starting to evolve at that time.


mens pastel suits from the pastel colors became popular for mens suits after the show Miami Vice.