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At the Beach Life is Different...........

At the Beach Life is Different. This is so true! Makes sense why I love being at the beach so much :)

"i've found it, eternity. it's the sun mingled with the sea." L'eternite' ~ Arthur Rimbaud (my absolute favorite line of poetry!) It's true. I've seen it there (wvj)

Beach Coral Velvet Soft Absorbent Bathroom Rug

Beach Coral Velvet Soft Absorbent Bathroom Rug

Is your bathroom floor making you sad to look at? Looking for a beautiful and simple rug for your bathroom? We've picked the perfect rug and ambience choices that you'll just love!

Go anywhere and everywhere, but make sure you can always catch a glimpse of the deep blue sea.

I love the beach.being in such close proximity to the ocean. The ocean itself can be overwhelming and intimidating.

Beach Chores

I want THIS printed and framed right by the front door! Oh yes, these are definitely my beach chores.