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Michelle Obama quote talk about projection. MIchelle is one of the biggest racists ever.

Who voted for this twice?   I'm living in the same country, same state, same city and neighborhoods of a lot of people who've been lying to me!    Now, what do you think!

Michelle Obama Cardigan - Michelle aptly chose a short cardigan to wear with her black-and-white flared dress.

Martial Law Will Not Be Announced, It Will Just Happen (Videos ) | Alternative

What is MARTIAL LAW (I'd call my elected employees about this) American flag with yellow trim = martial law. watch the news, pay attention to flag behind Obama!

White Folks And America Are The Problem – Michelle Obama Addresses All Black University With Divisive Message.

White Folks & America Are The Problem – Michelle Addresses Black University With Divisive Message.You're the problem. Stop dividing AMERICA !

Kids cheer as their school district opts out of Michelle Obama’s skimpy lunch program

Just catching scowl photos for texting people previous words were not mine so chill

Michelle Obama's mirror - B.R.F., Read All About It:  http://www.michellesmirror.com/2013/06/brf-its-bitch.html?m=1#.Ub009-DFVaV

“Bitchy Resting Face” is a debilitating disease that can attack gays and lesbians and democrats of any age and can result in looking “thoughtfully sad or angry for no reason”, michelle has had it every sense he started dressing like a female.

Michelle Obama on why they don’t attend church: ‘We could be loungin’ and nappin’’ - BizPac Review

Michelle Obama on why they don’t attend church: ‘We could be loungin’ and nappin’’ This is the WORST first lady ever.you burned the American flag and you live in the White House. Tell the true reason, your moslem.

Michelle Obama Vows To “Fight” Attempts To Roll Back Her School Lunch Dictates – Mooch Lunch or NO LUNCH ! | The Last Refuge

Michelle Obama aka FLOTUS: “Our rules will not be ignored” What a sourpuss witch!